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    Do you fit Chimney Cowls and Bird Guards?

    Yes we fit a range of bird guards and chimney cowls depending on what is required to make your stove or fire most efficient.  We also fit chimney caps or plugs to disued chimneys.  In addition we can carry out repairs such as replacement of chimney pots and cement flaunching to the top of your chimney.  We also clean and service electric chimney fans.

    What are you doing to keep us safe with Covid 19?

    We take the health and safety of our customers and staff very seriously and now have additional procedures to prevent the spread of the virus as recommended  1. When booking an appointment, we will ask you/landlord/occupier if everyone in your household is free of Covid 19 symptoms and has been for at least 7 days and that nobody is shielding or self isolating.   2.   We ask you to advise us if this situation should change and confirm this again on arrival to your property.   3.   Our sweep will wear a P3 protective mask and clean gloves before he enters your property and these will not be removed until the job is complete and he has left your home. 4.  Please ensure all doors are open for our sweep and keep the room well ventilated where he is working   5.  Please move any ornaments and furniture away from the fireplace so he has adequate space to work and only has to touch the working area/his own tools.   6.  A clean sheet will be placed on the floor.   7.  We will observe recommended social distancing and ask you to do to remain in a different room whilst the work is carried out. 8.  We will issue a certificate as usual but will not ask you to sign it.  9. We regret we are unable to accept cups of tea at this time.   10. Hand sanitiser will be used once gloves are removed. 11. Payments can be made by bank transfer to avoid contact but if you would like to pay in a different way then this will be discussed with you at the time.  If you wish to pay by card then the phone screen will be cleaned with sanitiser before you use it and we ask you to wash your hands thoroughly after.

    How much does it cost?

    It depends on distance travelled and size and type of appliance & flue, but generally speaking for normal domestic work around Hertfordshire a basic chimney sweep charge would be around £56.00-£75.00.  There will be an additional charge if your chimney is blocked with say a jackdaws nest or builders rubble and we can discuss this with you when you book. 

    Will you leave a mess?

    No, a soot cover is placed over the chimney opening and the chimney is swept through a sleeve in the soot cover with the vacuum cleaner hose running inside the fireplace too.  The soot therefore remains in the fireplace or goes into a vacuum cleaner with two filters and a Hepa-Flo bag which removes even the finest of particles of soot and dust to medical grade standards.  All equipment is placed on dust sheets in front of the fireplace and additional dust sheets are carried in case they are required.  People are often surprised at how clean the process is.

    The only occasions we have ever encountered a problem with dust is when there is a blockage with a large amount of builders rubble, or a Jackdaws nest that simply cannot be accessed for clearance purposes in the above way, or if there is already a build up of soot and dust around the fireplace before we started.  If we think there is likely to be a problem we would discuss this with you prior to cleaning.

    How often should my chimney be swept?

    It really depends on how much your appliance is used.  Generally speaking for normal domestic use where your fire or stove is mainly used for supplementary or top up heat an odd evening and weekends over the winter period, then once a year is adequate.  The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps guidelines state that Chimneys with solid fuel appliances (e.g. coal, smokeless coal, wood and peat) should be swept as follows:

    Smokeless Fuels - At least once per year. 

    House coal - At least twice per year.

    Chimneys with wood burning appliances - Quarterly when in use.

    Chimneys with gas or oil appliances - Once per year.

    Please note, many insurance companies may require you to have your chimney swept according to their schedule, particularly if you live in a thatched cottage (usually twice a year) or a listed building.  You should ensure you comply with their requirements, as they would be unlikely to pay out in the event of a chimney fire if your chimney has not been swept as they specified.  We are increasingly finding that even in modern houses, that insurers are requiring proof of sweeping and we do issue insurance approved certificates so that you can supply them with the necessary proof if required.